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About Melaney Lagrone:

Melaney LaGrone is the powerhouse behind LaGrone Law. With roots in Georgia, Melaney's journey intertwines passion and firsthand knowledge, weaving a compelling story that resonates with many immigrant families. Before championing immigrant rights, she served as both a police officer and prosecutor, providing her with a deep, inside look into the very system she now navigates on behalf of her clients.

Her commitment?

To help real people overcome real challenges.

Melaney recognizes the profound impact of each immigration case – the dreams, the unity of families, the opportunities. She's not just any attorney; she's an advocate. At LaGrone Law, she's on a mission to ensure fairness and justice are more than just ideals but realities for everyone. With Melaney, you're not getting just legal representation, but a steadfast ally ready to fight with you, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights upheld. Choose Melaney, and you're choosing an advocate committed to keeping families together and dreams alive.

About Melaney Lagrone:

As the owner of LaGrone Law, Melaney Lagrone has been fighting to keep families together for years.

Her mission is clear: real people helping real people. With her expertise and passion, she has helped countless individuals find their path

in the U.S.

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